Permanent Waves

  • PermsBegin at… $70
  • Spiral Perms or Long Hair PermsBegin at… $85
  • Virgin RelaxersBegin at… $100
  • Smoothing System Begins at $300
  • Long Hair Smoothing System begins at $350
  • RelaxersBegin at… $85
  • For Hair Below the Shoulder, there is an additional $10 per inch
  • Permanent Straightening System (allow 4 hrs.)$400
Keratin Complex Straightening System

An all natural smoothing system. No chemicals. Gives hair incredible shine and manageability $300 Includes a take home treatment shampoo and conditioner.

This non-invasive smoothing system is blown dry to control excess frizz and curl while making the hair exceptionally shiny and manageable.

• No chemicals • All prices quoted for chemical services do not include haircut or blow dry/style • Prices for Smoothing Systems DO include the blow dry/style, but do not include the hair cut. Consultations Complimentary!

  • Keratin Coppola Formaldehyde Free ExpressBlowBegins At … $99 This All-Natural Smoothing Blow Dry controls Frizz and Curl while making the hair exceptionally shiny and manageable. Lasts up to 5 weeks
  • Keratin Coppola Formaldehyde Full Smoothing ServiceBegins At … $299 The Smooth Shining Conditioning Results last up to 6 months
  • Keratin Coppola Formaldehyde Full Smoothing Service (Shoulder length and longer hair)Begins At … $319 The Smooth Shining Conditioning Results last up to 6 months

Over the years, we at Marc Alan Salon have carefully researched the best in hair, skin, nails and body treatments. The Keratin Copolla System is a good example of that. When everyone heard of smoothing systems, they jumped right in with the first ones on the market, some containing dangerous levels of formaldehyde. We took our time to research and compared products. We then took several intensive workshops to become certified by the company.

What we discovered is a total natural system that does not contain formaldehyde, Keratin Coppola. In addition, as the company advanced their line, we can now do customized services. We can completely smooth your hair, soften the curl – not remove it, take the excess frizz away, or retain all your beautiful curls and smooth away the frizz. No other system has this much flexibility. Call for an appointment today!

Permanent Waves
We at Marc Alan know that everything in Fashion is Cyclical!   Be it Clothes , Shoes or Hair Fashions, former trends my return but with a minor twist or change to make it current. That is why at Marc Alan we still do Permanent Waves!   First we research the most effective Perms for each hair type.  Then we analyze the condition of the Hair and determine what kind of conditioning is necessary to protect the integrity of our Guests Hair.   If need be,   for a small added fee , we use highly effective additives to the Perm Solution to protect our Guests hair from breakage. So whether you are looking to add body, curl or soft waves to your existing Hair Style, our stylist can do that for you.   However,  Please know  we highly recommend a Complimentary Consultation before you book your  PERM appointment.    We may recommend a Deep Conditioning Treatment for a few days prior to prepare your hair for this service.!
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